‘Sporting Activities Reduce Students’ Stress ‘


Chairman, Board of Trustees, Pacific Schools, Mr Omosowon Remi has described sport as an integral part of the total education of every child which helps in reducing stress, promoting emotional stability and as well help in the development of leadership skills.

He made this known during the 8th bi-annual inter-house sports competition held at the Air force base, Shasha, Lagos.

In his speech, Omosowon stated that sporting activities promote good health and help in the reduction of medical costs.

According to him, sports help students develop physical fitness and a positive attitude towards physical activities which in turn helps in developing a healthy lifestyle.

“ Sports is as old as human civilisation itself. In various Nigerian cultures, there were traditions that encouraged the citizenry to get involved in physical activities. The Olympics evolved because of the importance the whole world attached to sporting activities “, he added.

He reiterated on the importance to equip young people with the fitness levels, knowledge, motor and personal skills in order to be active now and in the future.

However, he disclosed that the country could earn the much needed foreign exchange by outsourcing sports just as India outsources ICT.

“To achieve this, the country must treat its sportsmen and women with dignity and fulfil its obligations to the growing population of sportsmen and women”, he added.

Meanwhile, various school houses which include blue, red, yellow and green houses participated in different sports such as march past, 100m

and 200m races, sack race, parent’s race, staff race, amongst others.

Also, variety of programmes such as choreography, Taekwondo/Karate display, tally, amongst others were held. In addition, different schools were invited to participate in some of the competitions.

Source: leadership.ng => ‘Sporting Activities Reduce Students’ Stress ‘